Ermanno Scervino  has been a very consistent designer and has continued to produce pieces that reflect a calmness, easiness and class to them. He has a more informal and casual approach as this collection holds light easy to wear materials and as you may have come across the unbuttoned top buttons which give it a cool easy going persona. 
A very cool, casual and laid back collection. This collection is very relatable and can inspire the style guide of almost any fashion forward man. using warm and dark colour tones with shimmering materials pushes the brand further, but still maintaining what Neil Barrett Stands for. A collection i see also having a huge effect on the high street brands that will in-turn play its part in the trends for young men in the season.
A very unexpected but pleasing approach to the collection this season. With materials and colours that electrify, Christopher Bailey has gone on to push the barrier for Burberry once again. The very reason the public have so much anticipation for the show is the surprise element we all get with each new season. Using bright colours and light materials with intriguing prints makes this collection yet again very easy to pick out from other designers. Art directors will have some fun with this collection and it is sure to make some beautiful editorial spreads. Another collection for the man very bold and confident in his identity and willing to reinvent his style at any given time.
A very beautiful collection with hues from lavender to electric blue and ultramarine. A modern collection with a Rock n' roll touch, using metallic materials, scarfs and the other manccessories. The persona this collection gives off is that of a confident man who is always willing to stand out and make his style known.

After a very Bold collection for fall winter 2012 which was the Black & Leather collection (nicknamed by myself the Matrix collection). Jill Sander gladly steps away and introduces some soft, light materials and bright colour palettes for Spring. This collection has a loose fitting which is always a functional aspect when considering designing a Spring Summer collection. Need i mention the lovely detailed material that is used for the later part of the collection which gives character and a touch of expressive art.
I get a very retro vibe from this collection. many earthy tones, blues and dark reds with materials that exude class and quality. Fitted silhouettes that remind me of the style from the 60's both casual and formal. The manccessories looking very sharp and make a bold statement. With more print details with materials such as the perforated shirts and jackets this collection looks as though it is for a younger target than what Ermenegildo Zegna will normally target. The standard of tailoring and quality yet go to show a modern, refined and sharp persona from the collection.
Very Sophisticated and tailored for comfort and the man who is set in his style. Top quality materials that have a grace to them as they move when the wearer moves. This collection makes a very bold statement as it stays away from the bright colours that will normally be associated with the season. The dark and neutral colours offer a modern/futuristic look and along with that the zipper details add an edge to the persona of the collection, at the same time maintaining the classical style and stays true to what Corneliani represents.
Andrea Pompilio offers us a very strong and bold collection for the spring summer season of 2013. Blue and yellow are seen yet again in this collection with some additional features that are sure to make this collection stand out as we see the consistent shapes and lines printed on the garments. The play with materials in this collection really give it an unpredictable character, which in itself is quite interesting as you will not want your stye to be dull and consisting of the same styles.
A very bright, fun and refreshing collection for Spring Summer 2013. Colour blocking made easy with bright pink, black and of course yellow and blue swatches – colours that i notice are in favour throughout the industry for the spring and summer season of 2013. The pieces are very fluid and gracious and are sure to entice the fashion forward men who wish to have edgy, daring pieces in their wardrobe. Patrick Grant designed this collection for the man who know what he wants. This collection offers a fine balance between substancial and firm pieces to the unsubstantial and floaty pieces making it very functional for the modern man.
I think this is it! my favourite collection shown in London Collections: Men. These are pieces i can see being invited into many wardrobes. Smart and Casual, Clean and Pristine but most of all easy to wear. Neutral colours once again seen as well as hues of blue and earthy tones of brown and Burgundy makes this one collection easy to fuse with other external styles and looks individuals will want to accomplish. The earthy tones and the metallic materials conceptually involve the overall interpretation of spring without adding the cliché prints and colours. The materials are light and flow which will enhance grace when walking. 
With a futuristic touch and a sense of minimalism Lou Dalton showcases a collection that is very casual as there are more shorts than there are trousers (just an observation). Although the pieces are strong they almost look as though they do not come from the same collection. That being said i have to appreciate the attention to detail that is shown as materials are interwoven and mixed with each other in interesting ways. With the colours blue and yellow very much trending based on other collections for Spring summer 2013, he used them more subtly with baby blues and one piece in yellow. Still a very smart casual collection it can find its way into the to get list of many young stylish men.
Oliver Spencer has produced a collection that I think represents the fun, laid back and casual aspects of british design. with a colour swatch ranging from sharp blues, to deep reds, green and the ocasional yellow this collection offers the buyers a lot to play with as all looks are individually strong in their own way, however still looking as though they come from the same tree. 

A very casual and breezy collection with hues of blue and yellow that give the collection a playful and lively character. From the clean whites and neutrals to deep blues each look reflects a persona of itself (and if you look closer the blue square pins as well as the cuboid neck pieces) which add a level of detail to the collection and provoke you to thinking of the bigger concept. I can see this collection having a huge impact of the high street brands and pushing the trends further and aid many young men who are in the process for finding their own styles.
The Clean, sharp cuts and fitted silhouette reflect the society that I see in London. with so few colours but with materials that shine in the light, this collection is for the man who is specific and knows what he wants from double breasted blazers to simple trench. From the casual look (look 2) to the slightly more formal look (look 9) this collection can prove to be very useful for the man who is socially active as it's simplicity makes each piece easy to mix and match with others, thus creating a new, unique look altogether. 
With light materials, flowing silhouettes, comely colour swatches, with a touch of futurism makes this collection one that really expands on the imagination and creativity for what men can wear. Xander Zhou crosses the boarders without venturing to the eccentric with what is traditional in menswear. The reason this collection can be truly appreciated by many men. Using geometric shapes with patterns along with the flowing silhouettes in addition to fine cuts and detail, makes this is one collection that sits between the expressive and stylised lifestyle to the modern and Jaunty lifestyle

A collection that truly makes me confident in what London has to offer to the world, Spencer Hart presents us with the basics of menswear with what I will call a modernist approach, as they are formed with simple concepts and ideas, using base colours however executed with the upmost attention to detail and quality of material. The fitted blazers mixed with the slightly more fluid trousers make this collection perfect for the man that switches between formal and informal scenarios.

This collection is full of simple and fluid silhouettes, stepping away from the fitted trends. 
Therefore making this collection a lot more casual and breezy, a touch every spring summer collection needs.
A very organic and original collection as there is a good use of fur and leather with earthy tones of black, grey and brown. Truly a collection designed for the outdoors. Each look is expressive in its own way and can be easily mixed with other pieces and materials to create a look that is very personal and unique. This collection has an overall rustic look; however each individual piece reveals a sharp simplicity and is designed to wear comfortably no matter the scenario.

In my opinion this collection is a playful one as the mixes and fusions of materials and styles give it a unique and good characteristic. Often times for the winter season most collections look very formal and serious, this one has a strong characteristic to it that will reflect highly on the persona of he who adorns them. There aren’t many colours save for black and a few dark tones, however if I was to see a man in these on the streets I will categorise him as one of the men who is very up-to-date with trends and in touch with his artistic side.