Hermès mean business this season with a very sharp, dark and serious look. This is a collection very much like Yves Saint Laurent that has used leather in a tasteful way. In menswear one thing I have noticed is that Italian designers really stick to their traditional ways of menswear designing, with the French on the other hand designing more conceptually making their designs very unique and different that often times come out too crazy for my liking. 

I think this is one collection that has a great balance with tradition and conceptualisation and is one collection alongside a few others that have a great appeal to the man with a more traditional sense of style and the man with a style that is more current and modish. What I really like is the play with materials from the shiny silver suit to croc skin shirt and trench jacket.

Right from their fragrances to accessories up to their ready to wear collections, Hugo Boss have always been at the top of the list when it comes to overall quality, presentation and professionalism. Bringing a subtle hint of culture to the collection with their Nehru Jackets and Indian waistcoats. Even with the use of a lot of black and grey this collection also brings with it bright colour pallets such as the lavender purple and a rusty bronze that give the collection an air of prestige. However i must admit that the hats also shown on runway would have served best in editorial spreads rather than the runway as they often distracted me from the pieces that the models were wearing. I see the hat as a somewhat whimsical touch to the collection with the notion to show the collections diversity with style and personalisation. 

Warm, welcoming and comfortable was the atmosphere of the Francisco Van Benthum showroom at 45 Park Lane Hotel Mayfair, the first thing I noticed where three gentlemen (including Mr. Van Benthum himself) that were well dressed and groomed, ready to take on the media and buyers. As I shuffled through the collection I noticed a blazer that was very structured with a design that was very minimal and sharp with very distinct and unique materials used. This same level of detail and quality flowed throughout the collection from the cashmere coat to the trousers.