I admit that I gasped when I saw this collection, the Navy, Red and White is the colour combination I have been focusing on. Balmain are known for their military jackets and this collection goes to show just how and why every man should have one in their wardrobes, these can be worn with a all sorts of looks and style, formal and informal. The one thing I notice in this collection is the individual strength of each piece and how each of them can be mixed and matched to create a look that is unique to each individual’s style. I haven’t been a fan of bright trousers until now as I have an idea of what I could wear them with. If you were to purchase a piece from Balmain expect to have them for a long time as the blazer I found in my father’s wardrobe of over twenty years, looked fresh off the runway. With all that said the only thing I would have wished for, were probably a variety of colours with the jackets and coats and also more, just more.
With Black leather as one of the main trends in this season it could be hard to set ones-self aside and make a collection that is not so easy to mix up with other designer collections, however this collection has done just that.  The mix of materials and ways in which the materials are used really set this collection aside from the others. Stefano Pilati designed this collection with the rough tomboy in mind, as this is one collection that is defiant and hard with solid black and no playing around.  
Louis Vuitton. A name that instantly associated with quality, prestige and luxury. This collection has not failed to meet the standard this season as Kim Jones raised the standard succeeding his Spring 2012 collection. Known for his scarves, velvet jackets and use of croc skin, Jones has also stayed true to the Louis Vuitton style of traveling and sophistication, with accessories that make all men want them and Mr. West drooling. This collection also offers the look for the young modern man as well as tailoring for the suave gentleman.
 For the second year running Zegna has not failed to deliver. Staying true to the form and kind of materials that Zegna have used, they have successfully stayed away from the trend of the season (which we should all have identified by now). By staying away from excessive leather this collection has set itself apart from the rest. This collection is sure to brighten and bring warmth with its earthy colours to our winter closets.
Ports is one of the youngest designers when placed next to most of the other designers we are familiar with, however the quality and creative execution could easily match them. This collection makes it seem as though ports have had a long history of design and quality. This is a collection I will place in my favorites for this season as I have already visualized myself wearing some of these pieces. When I look at this collection I can see two different men with different personalities, coming from the same place. This collection has the modernist approach although they still keep to menswear tradition. 
This is one collection I find to be on a different level as it keeps to the tradition that is menswear however with the touch of Couture. The collection is small but powerful, definitely one of my favourites for this season. Almost all the pieces are a must get, as they exude a simple sophistication. This collection is like the best of the 60’s meets the present day as the materials, cuts and form reflect those affluent years at the same time keeping them up-to-date. Alongside the various strong pieces, the things that drew my eye in this collection were the trousers as they are very simple, clean and sharp. Not many people may focus on the trousers, however these are the foundation pieces that hold up the rest of the look creating a strong or weak one.

Forget about the matrix, neo and the whole leather combat suits because Jill Sander has re-invented how to wear leather this season. What I like about this collection is the simplicity of the items and any designer will know that the simpler, the harder as you have to show such skill when it comes to cuts, sewing and forming the silhouette just right.

 I love this collection. As the show opened with an opening that was not so surprising - as the rain poured down on that familiar silhouette of an umbrella – the collection itself was rather the opposite. This collection shows how redefined the modern British man can be in the winter season as he moves away from the darker and firmer style that we often see in winter, especially in London.