A collection that truly makes me confident in what London has to offer to the world, Spencer Hart presents us with the basics of menswear with what I will call a modernist approach, as they are formed with simple concepts and ideas, using base colours however executed with the upmost attention to detail and quality of material. The fitted blazers mixed with the slightly more fluid trousers make this collection perfect for the man that switches between formal and informal scenarios.


  1. Absolutely love the first 8 looks! I can never get enough blue on blue! Haha. I like the rest of the collection as well (definitely agree with you about it being a good example of day-night dressing), but I think the beige and powder blue moments fell flat for me. Not a fan of the some of the hair either. A bit inconsistent. Can't wait for the Gucci + Burberry shows!!

    1. You have a very good eye and good taste hahaha, i agree with you on the beige look, it looks like it wasn't fitted properly.
      I am really looking forward to the Burberry and for some reason Versace hahaha.

    2. Oh god. Just checked out the Versace show. I usually love Versace because of their womenswear, but the only word I can come up with to describe the MW S/S13 collection is 'gaudy'. Honestly left a bad taste in my mouth. Too many ideas, and not enough restraint! But oh I am excited after the Burberry show!! Haha. I spent 2 hours last night trying to find metallic menswear on ebay. No luck (unless I decide I won't mind wearing metallic womens tights...haha). Guess I'll have to wait for the high street imitations! And yay for all your new posts!