The Clean, sharp cuts and fitted silhouette reflect the society that I see in London. with so few colours but with materials that shine in the light, this collection is for the man who is specific and knows what he wants from double breasted blazers to simple trench. From the casual look (look 2) to the slightly more formal look (look 9) this collection can prove to be very useful for the man who is socially active as it's simplicity makes each piece easy to mix and match with others, thus creating a new, unique look altogether. 

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  1. Ahh! Definitely my kind of collection! Love the looks on Isaac Carew, and the fourth look is my favourite! Just the right mix of British schoolboy & toddler; aka my personal style. Haha. And the shoes are so good as well! But what's with some of these british designers and beige suits? Haha. Not liking them at all! Would have been cooler to have finished the collection with the terracotta trench look. Do you have any personal favourites from this collection? :)