I admit that I gasped when I saw this collection, the Navy, Red and White is the colour combination I have been focusing on. Balmain are known for their military jackets and this collection goes to show just how and why every man should have one in their wardrobes, these can be worn with a all sorts of looks and style, formal and informal. The one thing I notice in this collection is the individual strength of each piece and how each of them can be mixed and matched to create a look that is unique to each individual’s style. I haven’t been a fan of bright trousers until now as I have an idea of what I could wear them with. If you were to purchase a piece from Balmain expect to have them for a long time as the blazer I found in my father’s wardrobe of over twenty years, looked fresh off the runway. With all that said the only thing I would have wished for, were probably a variety of colours with the jackets and coats and also more, just more.

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