Christian Westphal Spring Summer 2012

The look is a dirty glamorous but quiet, modern Euro-boho, with an ongoing nod to armoured self confident noblemen dressed in casual cotton waistcoat, small and neat collars and accessorized with heavy trims and insect printed scarfs. A style that contributes to dress with layer on layer, like the urban nomads we have become. The strategy is to modernize menswear, calibrating the millimeter of difference that separates a boring uniform from an innovative piece. Christian Westphal sees avant-garde as deconstruction, working to and from the human body and making pieces with a strong, modern look.
Christian Westphal makes fashion by sourcing all his ideas in the industrial, scientific, computer-generated possibilities of the twenty-first century. His collections are always a serene piecing-together of classic menswear tailoring, optimistic and experimenting. His background is from the Parisien chic such as design assistant for Galliano at Dior Couture and modelist at Emanuel Ungaro for 3 years.