Range Rover Evoque

 Love at first sight. This is the type of car any man will want to arrive in. One thing i have come to understand is the importance of visual language and this car speaks the language of luxury, performance and aesthetic appeal without the miscommunication of what is Range Rover. The Evoque takes its inspiration from the LRX concept car that was shown in 2008 at the North American Automobile Show. This is the Evolution of the Range Rover with its DNA still in tact.

Smalto Spring Summer 2012

This is a collection that has truly grabbed my attention, not because of the mini model in tears as the show was closed. With a simple, sophisticated  approach to menswear the infusion of materials such as crocodile skin embroidered with others is what gives this collection its unique look. The details of each piece are what makes this collection a classic. People tend to think that the simpler the item looks the easier it is to make, in reality it is quite the opposite as the designer will have to strive for perfection as any imperfection will be easily spotted.