Winter 2010 Wardrobe Wishlist!!

New season, New stuff... there are a few things on my list that I plan to get for the upcoming autumn/winter season. Most of them are the obvious, however there are a few new items i have thought off.

  • The Zara funnel collar side buttoning coat!
  • The Zara fur Collar Coat!
  • Tailored Khaki's. chino black, Gray, brown and academy
  • Black & Brown Boots
  • Gray & Brown Holdall bag
  • Red, Navy, black & white Knitwear
As you can the the zara funnel collar side button jack is at the top simply beacuse it is a work of art. There is a simple yet complicated look to it, it was love at first sight. This is then followed by the fur collar coat  as this is an item that has been on my list for a long time and i just cant seem to find what i am looking for!! so getting this coat is a MUST! 

''funnel collar, side buttoning coat ''
139.00 GBP
coat with fur collar
119.00 GBP

This season i am going for a more smarter look as i have included tailored Khaki's as they are universal and can go with all kinds of looks and giving it a smart, sophisticated boost.

The tailored khaki (straight fit) Regular Price £39.95 from GAP
The tailored khaki (straight fit) Regular Price £39.95 from GAP

 Boots are made for walking and thats just what they do!! This seasons must get manccessories. Boots  are a gamble as you either pull them off or you dont. They make statements and when i see someone wearing them i get a sence of their personalities: Adventurous & Daring!!
I have been arround town and i must say RiverIsland and Topman have got good collections.

Brown high Boat Shoes £49.99 from River Island
Black mix millitary boots £64.99 From River Island
Black stud detailed lace up boots £79.99 from u guessed again... River Island.

Must have Manccessories that go with the outfit and some of the things i am missing is a gray and also a brown Holdall bag. Holdall bags always boost the overall look so it will be a good investment this season. They are kind of like the cherry on top.

Grey Stripe Holdall from River Island £34.99

Its winter soon, i can feel it getting colder by the day and i will like to cover up appropriately and ofcourse with swagger. Knitwears are a must and i love to keep it simple and sharp, H&M always have my back covered.

Navy double breast cardican from Riverisland £29.99