Definition of Swagger

What is swagger? according to the dictionary it is: To carry yourself arrogantly and pompously.......... but not for us!! SWAGA/SWAGGER/SWAG this now means to carry yourself with confidence, style and an unrivaled uniquness about yourself that no one else has. Sounds much better.

Photo by Maya Guez (favourite photographer)

These are some of the new designs in the D&G collection
sharp, sophisticated and clean. this is the kind of style you find on a grown sophisticated man from the 
age of 20 - 25/30 (swagger doesnt have age lol)

There are many different individual styles that are inspired and influenced by most of the leading designers in the fashion industry today. Dolce & Gabbana are one of my favourite designers in the industry.

Nowadays even accesories added to the simplest of outfits can help boost an individuals style
such as a
  • Belt
  • Bag
  • Ring
  • Watch
  • Glasses
  • Hat
and most importantly 'SHOES', as they are your foundation afterall.

Heres a diferent kind of swagger

Causal Swagger! now this swag is fun because you can be as crazy as you want and simply back it up by calling it 'Unique'.

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  1. I think this is really very interesting that you are highlighting the need for High fashion to embrace the Afro Carribean Market. Our Men should also be able to appreciate Haute Couture and Pret à Porter from Traditional Fashion houses, while keeping the street credit synonymous with the Hip-Hop community! I like the layout too! Brilliant! Swaggerman!