D&G just know how to do it!

Some of my favourite items from the new D&G season collection:

This is just the type of jacket that will stand out and easily catch attention as it just clean, sharp and goes against the usual BLACK trench coats that mainstreamers wear! Get this and be guaranteed to stand out in the best way posible. This jacket is now £ 819.00. Now its not all of us who can pay this price but for the smart guys out there, this will simply be a guideline for a style and a look, and all you have to do is to carry a picture of it around with you and look in all the stores you could possibly look and find a similar jacket for a more affordable price.
This years collection has kept up the standard of D&G as it is clean, sharp, sophisticated and Swaggerific.

The avarage price of a D&G suit is arround 400 and 450 Even though they may be too pricy it will be good to save up and invest in a good suit as you are paying for good quality and swagger.
Sharp Black suits are a must have in the wardrobe and being so important its only common sence to get the best quality you can get. The thing i love about D&G's Style and Design is: The materials, The cuts,  The sewing and most of all how it just screams swagger. These kind of suits can be worn to Parties, Work, Weddings, Meetings and all sorts of events that requre a high standard of dresscode.

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