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2014 Latest USA Cheap Louis Vuitton Outlet Online Store, Discount Louis Vuitton, Cheap Louis Vuitton Handbags, Wallets, Belts... Save Up 77% Discount Off! French luxury label Louis Vuitton has opened a new retail location in Munich, Germany, tucked perfectly into the city's historic Residenzpost. The three-story retail location was designed by renowned architect Peter Marino, who applied Cheap Louis Vuitton decadent aesthetic to the building, creating a luxurious atmosphere in one of Munich's most iconic sites. It is November but the Christmas spirit is already in the air with boutiques decorated with Christmas ornaments. The first and the most elegance of all is this year's Louis Vuitton holiday or Christmas window display. There are falling flowers, that might become the resemblance of its iconic monogram logo, which form a giant snow flake in the women display.

Louis Vuitton makes a bold move in Tokyo by opening a new store in the shopping district of Shinjuku. The French luxury house already operates two boutiques in the area, but has now added its first standalone store on street level. Strategically located a few blocks away from Shinjuku station, one of the city's major transportation hubs, it occupies two expansive floors of a modern structure which features a newly redeveloped fa?ade with the brand's signature damier pattern and, especially for the opening, balloon-infused window installations by Cheap Louis Vuitton Outlet fan and american film director Sofia Coppola.

This metal-made papers are flying out of a typing machine. They are flying everywhere in the window displays including in the little side windows where accessories and jewelries are displayed. Some of the papers also form the classic Latin-style Cheap Louis Vuitton Bags in the most beautiful way. Amazing, fabulous, marvelous, terrific, and above all, perfect!

However, there's a major feature that makes it unique and that's the stunning light sculpture by Korean artist Do-Ho Suh which swirls down from the the ceiling of the top floor inside a spiral staircase. Entitled cause and effect, the artwork consists of approx. 42,000 acrylic resin figurines in various gradations of orange, set in a frame work of aluminium and stainless steel. On the ground floor of the new Louis Vuitton Outlet women's bags, small leather goods and accessories are presented, while one floor up shoppers can find men's items, luggage pieces and the women's ready-to-wear collection.

The Cheap Louis Vuitton Luggage windows at the Bond Street store manage to compete with the large building they are set in. The brightly coloured and pattered hot air balloons transcend floors in this eye catching display. The design translates down to a smaller scale jewellery display. Floating white mini plinths allow the merchandise maximum stand out. The shop is a serene oasis of polished timber, glass and furnishings similar to other Louis Vuitton stores across the planet.
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ZARA Spring 2013

This season Zara has produced some very classic and stylish pieces that are sure to have a huge impact on the high street fashion scene. Spring is the season we often see trends and concepts repeated every year. In most spring and summer collections we expect floral patterns, flowing materials, light colour tones and some pieces for the colour blockers.


Ted Baker collections are bold, sharp and somewhat playful, which allow men to experiment and explore new styles and ways to dress even with pieces as serious as suits. With achieving the CBE award form HRH Queen Elizabeth for their contributions and services to the UK fashion industry, Ted baker has grown to become a trendsetter; thus we now look back at fall-winter 2012 to catch a glimpse of what to expect this new season.